Put Some POWER In Your Flower!

Let’s talk a bit more about flower photography. Flowers are beautiful so as long as you properly expose your image, you should have a beautiful image, right? Well, not so fast. A distracting background will always detract from an image so you must pay particular attention to your entire frame, corner to corner. One way to combat a distracting background is to not have one at all- fill your frame entirely with your subject. Filling your frame in flower photography translates to power and impact.

Compare the pairs of images:




PassionFill copy














BluePoppyFull copy



What do you think? Happy shooting.



8 thoughts on “Put Some POWER In Your Flower!

    1. The first flower I actually took with a point and shoot camera. When using a macro lens on flowers you can easily have some of the image out of focus, which is actually a look I am often striving for. Petals sticking this way and that makes it tough to get everything in focus with one shot. You can try stopping down your lens to something like f22 or do focus stacking- take multiple images, each focussing on a different part of flower and then blending them together. The question to you would be, is at least part of your image super sharp or is the entire image soft?


      1. Hello, there seems to be always an edge or two that are very slightly blurred on the best images. I usually take a lot of images of one in hopes to get a good one. I displayed the best ones on my site on the live slide show banner. The orange lily on the recent post I used because the stamens are in focus and I liked the composition, but it’s soft around the flowers’ edge. By the way your sunset is so incredible on your site.
        Thank You and Namaste~Jill


      2. Flowers, like lilies, that have the stamen sticking out are essentially impossible to shoot so that every element is in focus. You definitely have to do focus stacking or choose which part you want to be in focus. The depth of field is just too great. Thanks for the compliment on my sunset.


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