Travel theme: Inviting

I have started following a lovely Travel/Photography Blog called Where’s my backpack? It sponsors a weekly travel theme for others to interpret. This week’s Travel theme is Inviting and I thought I would give it a go.

For many people, large cities can often seem like the opposite of inviting- too busy, too complicated, too crowded, too overwhelming, and so on. It has been my experience, however, that once you become a bit familiarized with a particular city, there are often endless inviting spots to be enjoyed. New York City is a prime example of a place that evokes very strong opinions from visitors ranging from those who are afraid to visit due to it’s immensity to those who find it to be one of the most inviting places on Earth. I fall into that second category as I always feel a bit more “alive” within it’s confides.

New York City offers an unending array of spaces that are truly inviting- parks that make you forget you in the midst of a metropolis, neighborhoods designed to stroll through at a leisurely pace, architecture from days gone by, small shops that have serviced the local area for generations. Here are some scenes from my Inviting NYC:

NYCVillageBookstore NYCStrolling NYCReadingInThePark NYCFallTrees NYCCurvyTrees NYCCentralPark NYCBikeForTwo

Happy shooting.


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