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Monochrome Madness 37: Emerging From The Fog

Here is my entry in Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness 37: Emerging From The Fog. Check out her full blog post this week if you like black and white images; there are a lot of great shots.


Happy shooting.


New York Botanical Garden- No DSLR Allowed!


One area of photography that I am very passionate about is Flower Photography. I remember reading an article a while back suggesting things one should never include in a photography portfolio and it included flowers. My heart sank! What do they mean? Essentially the point was,  flowers in and of themselves are already beautiful so unless you do something extraordinary with your flower shots they will look like a million other flower snapshots that are out there. Point taken. I, therefore, put a lot of time and effort into shooting flowers and am very critical of my work. I almost exclusively use a 105mm macro lens, tripod, wireless cable release, etc. in order to get what I want to be sharp, very sharp.

I am a member of the New York Botanical Garden and went there today with a group of folks from my local camera club. The NYBG is a terrific place but, unfortunately, they do not allow tripods inside the Conservatory. Ever. This always poses somewhat of a problem for me because I am not very good at hand holding my DSLR with a macro lens. With practice, I am better than I used to be, but still not great. Additionally, the grounds are large so walking around with my DSLR, a couple of different lenses, tripod (can use it outside), does lead to a bit of an aching back by the end of the day. For these reasons, I made the decision that I would only use my Nikon p7700 point and shoot and my iPhone today. Truth be told, I had my DSLR and tripod in my car, just in case I panicked, but I never went back for it.

It was rather warm out today and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed walking around with no extra weight. The posted photos were either taken with the p7700 or iPhone 5s. The iPhone photos were also edited on the iPhone. I was rather pleased with the results I got. The p7700 has a macro focussing setting that allows you to get quite close. Could I have gotten better results with the DSLR? Perhaps, but for times when I don’t want to carry a lot, I will have confidence that I can still capture quality images.





BlueStack Back












As someone whose photography hobby has grown to near obsession proportions, I have decided to enter into a new realm and begin a blog. I greatly enjoy trying, and learning, new photography techniques and equally enjoy helping others as they do the same. I firmly believe that great images are created not so much by a camera, but instead by the creative eye of the individual behind the lens. Every person brings their unique perspective to any given scene thus creating limitless possibilities. Digital cameras have evolved so much that no matter what you are shooting with, an iPhone, a point and shoot, or a Nikon D810, great results can be had as long as you are willing to put yourself into the process. Through this blog, I intend to share some of my photography experiences as well as my thoughts behind the shots and techniques used. I hope to also get feedback and suggestions from others so that this blog becomes a dialogue. Here we go…