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Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

Here is my submission to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular. Angular and architecture go hand in hand to me so these images were taken in NYC.

Angular3 Angular2 Angular1

Happy shooting.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Signs. Here are my entries and why I chose each one:


The apartments that sit behind this private courtyard are very coveted due to the fact that there are so few properties in Greenwich Village that do not sit right on the street. The irony is that when these apartments were first built they were inhabited by the poor as properties not right on the street were very undesirable.


At first glance, the prices advertised on the signs at this Barbershop seem very good. Judging by the hairstyles of the three people inside the shop, however, I am not so sure.


Can’t argue with that.


Does this guy strike you as someone funny, because I am not getting that vibe?


Seems reasonable enough.


When I first shot this image, I did so because I thought it was neat being able to see into this bar with it’s eclectic mix of people. It did not dawn on me until much later what a clever name it has.


And some signs contain timeless messages, such as this one from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy shooting.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Nighttime. Night Photography can be somewhat tricky. You definitely need a tripod and a cable or remote release to keep things steady for those longer exposure times. I love the fact that at certain times the camera can pick up colors in the sky that are invisible to the human eye.

Purplesky NYCNight NightPier NightOBX NightB&W

Happy shooting.